Why Lemira


Why choose Maison Lemira.

Our company has over 40 years of experience in the needle trade industry and boasts 25 years exclusively as a school uniform provider. We supply and manufacture all our products, which not only adds to our versatility but also makes our company an ideally suited partner to create a unique school uniform based on your needs and desires. If a complete new school uniform is not needed, we can also completely revamp an already existing school uniform.

Having over 20000 square feet at our disposal allows us to offer sale and reception services directly at our company. We can offer these same services on location on school grounds as well.

Our turnkey service adapts to all your conditions and requirements. We guarantee the school, the parents and the students a pleasant back to school experience with absolutely zero headaches.

Maison Lemira is extremely proud to be able to offer you products made entirely in Canada, considerably reducing production, delivery and waiting delays while also greatly encouraging our local economy. As a manufacturer we can offer our clients a very wide selection of already existing uniform models, or the possibility of creating one that is adapted to your specific needs and 100% exclusive to your institution.  We can present you with an unlimited choice of fabrics, colors and styles. Should schools request additional options, we also have a complete range of imported products available for selection.